DEANNE BELL - Spicing Up Your STEM Life
Deanne brings a unique blend of expertise and youthful zeal to her talks about science and technology careers, and she is living proof that engineering resumes are far from boring. Throughout her talk, Deanne presents examples of successful engineers and scientists who, despite having similar educations, are impacting our world in very different ways, and she turns broad ideas of innovation into a personal challenge for her audience.
JASON & MARJORIE CRIGLER - Courage, Hope, Music and the Will to Survive
In 2004, guitarist Jason Crigler was a fixture in the downtown New York music scene, playing with a variety of new bands as well as notables such as Marshall Crenshaw, Ollabelle, Teddy Thompson, Erin McKeown, Linda Thompson, John Cale, and Norah Jones. One night, in the middle of a show, a blood vessel in Jason’s brain burst open. He was rushed to the hospital where doctors told Jason’s family, “Even if he lives through the night, there won’t be much left of the man you know.” Jason and his sister Marjorie have been traveling around the country delivering their powerful multimedia presentation, Defying The Odds. Marjorie speaks from the family’s point of view, while Jason offers a survivor’s perspective.
BOB HARRIS - The International Bank of Bob: Connecting Our Worlds One $25 Kiva Loan at a Time
What if you suddenly became a luxury travel reviewer for a famous publication -- asked to evaluate Aquitaine caviar, Black Pearl cognac, and gold-plated bathrooms from Dubai to Malaysia to Bali -- all while Michelin-rated chefs and hotel managers watched your every move? Bob Harris's answer: plowing every penny of his luxury paychecks into 1000s of tiny loans to small entrepreneurs in more then 50 countries, then following his money around the world, from online lending platforms to microfinance institutions to ultimately the recipients themselves.
JOSE M. HERNANDEZ - The Inspiring Story of a Migrant Farmworker Turned Astronaut
On August 28, 2009 José, assigned to the STS-128 Space Shuttle Discovery mission as the flight engineer, realized his dream of reaching for the stars blasting off into space on a 14 day mission to the International Space Station. Jose’s inspiring journey of perseverance and hard work is a true fulfillment of the American Dream.
KevinHinesSMLKEVIN HINES - Cracked, Not Broken
On September 24, 2000, the paranoid and hallucinating nineteen-year-old flung himself off the bridge in a suicide attempt. He fell 220 feet straight down into the San Francisco Bay, shattering his T12, L1, and L2 vertebrae. He lacerated most of his lower organs. A Coast Guard boat pulled Hines from the frigid waters. Today, Kevin Hines is an award-winning global speaker, Amazon best-selling author of “Cracked Not Broken,” and suicide prevention and mental health advocate who reaches audiences with his story of an unlikely survival and his strong will to live.
ALAN MOSKIN - Concentration Camp Liberation
Alan Moskin, age 88, was drafted into the military service at the age of 18 and served in the United States Army during World War II (from September 1944 until August 1946). He was a member of the 66th Infantry, 71st Division, part of General George Patton’s 3rd Army. In his enormously powerful talk, Alan recounts with vivid detail, the horror of liberating a concentration camp, on that fateful day back in 1945.
KAILA MULLADY - Finding Your Voice: Musings From a World Champion Beatboxer
Kaila Mullady is a world champion beatboxer, actress, producer, educator and social entrepreneur. At the heart of each of her performances is the boundary-pushing expression of the human instrument. Kaila’s lively and electrifying talk – part lecture and part performance – offers a freewheeling, intimate look at her journey through the often-challenging landscape of the male-dominated beatbox culture, how she made it to the top despite the odds being stacked against her, and the vital importance of owning her unique strengths and differences to stand out, thrive and achieve her goals.
DAVE STEVENS - Impossible Dream
Was born in 1966 without legs, later he attended High School in Arizona where he was a 3 sport athlete. While in HS Dave set 3 Arizona State Records, most takedowns in a single wrestling season (118), most career Baseball Walks (96) previously held by Bob Horner, and also the Season Record for Walks (46). After High School Dave went on to attend Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN where he was a varsity letterman in Football from 87-90.
LYENA STRELKOFF - It's Not About The Chair!
Lyena Strelkoff is an inspired creative artist and innovative educator. Paralyzed in 2002 by a terrible fall, her work, life and character reflect a rare spirit, full of grace and courage, gratitude and compassion.
ZACH WAHLS - "What makes a family?"
Zach Wahls tried to answer that very question when he testified before the Iowa House Judiciary Committee in January, 2011. Zach shares a story that has never before been told, and offers a fresh, bold perspective on a recently rekindled -- and always contentious-- issue: gay marriage.
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