LEGALIZE IT? - Marijuana Policy Experts Debate Reefer Sanity
Nationwide, the public is divided about whether to legalize marijuana, though support has grown over the last decade. States that have legalized will serve as early test cases, providing at least some answers to the much-debated potential outcomes of legalization. Some say legalization will lead to negative health, road safety, and other social costs. Others champion legalization as a way to diminish the power of drug cartels, reduce incarceration, and put states back on solid financial ground.
GLOBAL WARMING DEBATE - Hoax, Doomsday, or What?
Back in the 1970s weren’t they worried about global cooling? If the Earth is getting warmer, why? Is it the result of natural forces like solar activity or volcanic outgassing, or is it caused by human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels that pour greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere? And if global warming is real and human caused, how much warmer will it get and what will the consequences be? Is it doomsday or do we have time to do something about it? If we do have time, what should we do? In this engaging and enlightening debate Michael Shermer and James Taylor will square off on what could be the most important subject of our time.
THE GREAT GUN CONTROL DEBATE - Dr. John Lott vs. Paul Helmke
Oklahoma City, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Aurora, Sandy Hook. The list of mass murders in America grows and grows. Why? And what can we do about it? In this Great Debate on Gun Control two of America's most prominent public intellectuals go head-to-head on this most contentious and timely topic.
DOES GOD EXIST? - A Debate Between Dr. Michael Shermer & Dr. Doug Geivett
This debate pushes the boundaries of our faith and how we believe. While three of the world's most widespread religions, Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism, sit atop the headlines, there are no clear answers to who's right and who's wrong. Drs. Shermer and Geivett challenge the audience to look directly into the eye of their beliefs and affirm their faith in God or to cast religion aside as an outdated way to explain the unexplainable.
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