Steve Thompson, author of No Zebras! Engaging Bystanders in the Movement to End Sexual Aggression has been a national figure on the subject of sexual assault, sexual harassment, and stalking for several years. The success and popularity of his programs is unparalleled. As a graduate student and martial arts instructor at Indiana University, Thompson focused his education towards psychology and the study of human movement. In the spring of his second year, a rapist assaulted and terrorized several women on campus. This prompted intense public pressure on the university to educate the public in assault avoidance. As a black belt, Thompson was called upon to be the educator. Knowing little of the dynamics of rape, he still agreed to teach. Two months after the sexual assault avoidance program began, a student of Thompson’s was raped. When he arrived at the hospital to see her, the only words she could utter were, “I did what you taught me to do, why didn’t it work?” The emotional impact of that moment changed his life. Shortly after that incident, Thompson was hired by Central Michigan University.

He devoted himself to studying the whys and hows of sexual aggression. He went into prisons to talk with offenders, he interviewed police officers, psychologists, doctors, and thousands of survivors. The information he gathered was studied, along with aspects of body movement as they apply to fighting situations. He found that martial arts, self-defense courses, and other techniques of sexual aggression avoidance generally did as much harm as they did good. His unique approach is a result of over 28 years of research and street experience involving hundreds of interviews with survivors and offenders. He has presented over 1,500 programs dealing with sexual assault, stalking, relationship violence, workplace violence, and harassment throughout the country. He is an associate professor and the Sexual Aggression Services Coordinator at Central Michigan University. Thompson is an assault investigation consultant and criminal profiler for police officers throughout the USA. He is a court qualified expert witness and has consulted with many agencies and the media on some of the countries most public cases. He has been interviewed on countless radio and television programs. He is the author of No Zebras! Engaging Bystanders in the Movement to End Sexual Aggression.

“This book has taken a career to complete. During those many years, I have had the privilege and opportunity to hear many voices that influenced me. First and foremost were the thousands of survivors voices; male, female, young and old. Each one with experiences that individually and collectively impacted me. The voices of family and friends of survivors who themselves were impacted as secondary survivors. The experiences and knowledge advocates throughout the country have shared with me. The written word and voices of the many experts in the field who have influenced my views and knowledge. The voices of law enforcement officers, prosecutors and judges who deal with the complexities of sexual aggression daily. Lastly, the written accounts as well as first hand interviews with the true experts in sexual aggression, the predators themselves. Collectively all these voices have influenced me in both a professional and personal way.”

SThompsonSpkrPg_02Program Titles

  • No Zebras – No Excuses, The Realities of Sexual Aggression
    This general presentation addresses aspects of sexual aggression while focusing on what can be done to create a safer environment.
  • Silent Crime – Confident Criminal
    The realities of date/ acquaintance assault – who this “Nice Guy” is and how he operates.
  • Out of Bounds
    This program for males addresses attitudes, the realities of sexual aggression, and what men can do to stop it.
  • Hostile Hallways
    Addresses sexual aggression issues in schools. Topics include: sexual assault, harassment, stalking, and dating violence.
  • Workplace Violence
    This program addresses safety in and around the workplace. What can be done to create a safer environment?
  • Behavioral Analysis of Sexual Assault
    Offender profiles, investigation strategies, analysis of behavior within the legal system.
  • Creating the Matrix – If You Build It, They Will Come!
    This program is for administrators and concerned individuals who want to improve the campus/community response to assault


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