Badly injured and losing 50% of his blood after a suicide bomber detonated powerful explosives just yards away, in the Brussels, Belgium airport in 2016, Sebastian “Seb” Bellin – by any measure — should have died.

Kept alive in that horrific instant by years of training on the basketball court, which prepared Seb to stay calm, positive and focused on survival, and his steely determination to stay alive for his wife and two daughters, Seb today offers us an amazing, refreshing perspective on how to counter hate and fear, with love, forgiveness and empathy.


Only nine months after a bombing that put Seb in the hospital for months, with multiple surgeries, grueling rehab and lasting injuries, he lives his life without hatred or anger towards his assailants, and in fact, understands their plight, their fear, their desperation.

In his compelling, heartwarming, deeply personal talk, Sebastien explores his journey from near-death to an awakening that has flooded his heart with more empathy for human beings, and a better understanding of the global challenges of xenophobia, oppression, hate and violence.

Having lived in South America, North America and Europe, and speaking several languages, Seb brings a global fluency and a nuanced understanding of the causes of fear plaguing the planet. He coaches us on how we can face our fears, reach down deep inside, and unleash profound change and personal power.

A veteran collegiate and professional basketball player, Seb has spent most of his life cultivating the skills for winning and success.  His will, determination and focus have helped him become a success over the years – as an athlete, a parent, a husband, and an entrepreneur who launched multiple start-ups after retiring from sports.

Seb shared his story on the TED stage in Luxembourg, and was the subject of a CBS 48 Hours special. Today, an in-demand keynote speaker, he is uplifting and inspiring audiences globally.

sebastien-bellin-speaker-l2Seb is eternally positive and energized. The arc of his unique personal narrative – from professional athlete, husband, father, and successful entrepreneur to a man who survived a deadly terrorist attack without harboring feelings of vengeance or animosity – conveys an approach to life we can all benefit from.


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