MattMogkSpkrPg_RMatt Mogk is the leading global authority on all things zombie. He has been featured on National Geographic Channel, Spike’s hit series Deadliest Warrior, and G4TV. In print and radio he regularly does interviews in the United States, Canada, Europe and Australia.

    His book projects include a zombie children’s book designed to teach kids to recognize an undead outbreak in its earliest stage called That’s Not Your Mommy Anymore (Ulysses), and a nonfiction work covering all aspects of zombie science, survival and culture called Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Zombies (Simon & Schuster).

    As the Founder and Head of the Zombie Research Society, Matt directs an organization of over 60,000 zombie academics and enthusiasts on six continents, with dozens of local chapters worldwide.

    What you don’t know can eat you.

    A walking catalog of important modern developments in zombie research, Matt offers an interactive multi-media talk that includes essential information for survival in the face of the coming undead threat. His meticulously researched presentation is what zombie fans are desperate for, and what general audiences quickly realize they literally can’t live without!


    Matt is the author of “Everything you Ever Wanted to Know about Zombies”

    Topics covered include zombie history, science, survival, film and pop culture, blended together in a seamless discussion of the undead that will have you checking the back seat of your car before you drive home.

    Sample talking points include:


    Zombies have lurched among us before. In fact, there are at least ten possible zombie outbreaks throughout recorded history, including the legendary Lost Colony of Roanoke. The disappearance in 1587 of 115 men, women and children from their settlement off the coast of present-day North Carolina is the biggest unexplained mystery of early America.

    Was Roanoke the site of a historic zombie outbreak? Unearthed evidence of mass cannibalism and reports from local tribes that the colonists were fighting within their own ranks points to that gruesome possibility.


    How will your neighbor turn into a zombie? Learn about the most likely infection sources of the coming zombie pandemic, including a new strain of Mad Cow disease that has appeared in humans over the past decade. Called variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (vCJD), it infects and kills younger people, may be transmitted through blood contact, and causes the infected to go violently insane.

    Will vCJD be the source of the coming zombie plague? Researchers at the Scripps Institute recently discovered that this strain continues to evolve, something thought impossible, until now.


    Unlike other monsters, zombies are anatomically definable, because they’re us. We know a lot about zombie anatomy that may surprise you. For example, despite popular belief, the undead probably don’t prefer eating your brain to any other part of your living body. The “Brains! Brains!” stereotype of zombies turns out to come from just one film series, the 1980s Return of the Living Dead.

    In fact, bite compression work done by researchers from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute found that the human mouth is both too flat and too weak to penetrate the human skull. While an adult gator registers a bite force of 9,000 psi, the human jaw comes in at a paltry 300. Rest assured that zombies don’t get stronger just because they’re dead and rotting, so scientifically, they couldn’t possibly bite through your skull.


    Quick! The zombie horde is banging at your door. Which weapon represents your best chance of survival: a baseball bat, a staple gun, or a chainsaw? Find out the answer in Matt’s talk, along with ten essential strategies for surviving the coming zombie pandemic. Food, water, shelter, weapons, travel, energy, and avoiding the undead are all covered.

    For example, in a zombie outbreak, the power grid will inevitably fail as PG&E workers begin moaning for their next meal, so how are you going to see at night by candlelight without attracting the attention of the local lurchers? What will happen when you light that camping stove and your hungry neighbors-in-hiding realize that you’re cooking Salisbury steak? This talk will show you how to handle all of the possible dilemmas involved in survival when it comes to zombies.

    “Matt did a great job, definitely must have on campus again”    Community Life Service, University of Ottawa

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