Over the past decade Kari Byron – TV’s favorite female science geek — has become a strong presence in the world of reality based television.

She is best known for hosting Discovery Channel’s iconic cult-classic MythBusters, where Kari and her cohorts filmed over 7,200 hours, tested over 900 myths, set off 850 explosions, and used 43,500 yards of duct tape. To examine each urban legend, they applied the scientific method: question, hypothesize, experiment, analyze, and ultimately, come to conclusions.

Kari takes the stereotypes and stigma around being a woman on television and in science and — quite literally — blows them up. She is proof that you don’t need to wear a lab coat — or, be a guy — to geek out on science. In turning her love of art, sculpture, and special effects into a career involving explosives and hard hats, she has catapulted herself into an unexpected role as the queen of scientific stunts.

Along the way, Kari discovered that this logical process is also the perfect tool for solving everyday problems, from unsatisfying relationships to depression and debt.  In Kari’s new book, Crash Test Girl she reveals to readers her scientific method for investigating, growing, and making discoveries that can lead to greater wisdom, happiness and success (while having a lot of fun in the process). In her live talks, Kari shares the insights and knowledge she’s gained, as well as:

• How to use the scientific method to crash test your way through career decisions, finding love, making friends, navigating money, battling mental health issues, and being brave.

• Behind-the-scenes secrets and memorable moments from the gnarliest episodes of Mythbusters.

• Inspiration for young women interested in STEM or just finding their way to their dream life and advice on breaking through stereotypes and prejudices.

Kari reminds us that science is for everyone, as long as you’re willing to strap in, put on your safety goggles, hit a few walls, and learn from the results. Using a combination of methodical experimentation and unconventional creativity, you’ll come to the most important conclusion of all: In life, sometimes you crash and burn, but you can always crash and learn.



“We had a terrific event with Kari last week! Kari was awesome to work with throughout the event. She stayed and talked with students in the venue then stayed longer at our Board reception to make sure she took pictures with everyone, which was very appreciated. Kari was also really positive and welcoming with our student leaders, helping making it a great event for the Board to host. We’re glad we brought Kari to campus to restart our in-person speaker series.”  David Mizell, Program Coordinator, Illini Union – University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Crash Test Girl is a journey into the incredible mind and incredible life of Kari Byron, arguably one of the smartest women in the business. She is at once funny, profound, hilarious, and deep. This engaging and awesome book is the closest you’ll get to a roadmap of how to be smart and savvy no matter what life throws at you. Strap on your seatbelt and enjoy the ride!” — Mayim Balik, star of Big Bang Theory
“Kari Byron smashes the stereotype of a scientist as a white male in a lab coat with a beaker. Her fascinating journey from ‘starving artist’ to ‘accidental scientist celebrity’ gripped me at every page.
Want to get more young women interested in STEM? Have them read this book!” — Debbie Sterling, Founder and CEO, GoldieBlox


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