waterman_rightWe’ve all heard of the so-called “Plastic Garbage Patch” in the Pacific Ocean. But what’s this Island of Plastic really all about?

In the fall of 2012, the renowned adventurer and conservationist Jonathan Waterman decided to investigate. Setting out as the ship journalist from San Diego on a two-masted sailboat, he wrote dispatches for the National Geographic and learned the shocking truth about our plastic oceans.

“Jon” tells the story of this 2,500-mile journey with breathtaking photographs and video, sharing stories about sea mammals, starry night skies that merged into bejeweled seas, and what it’s like to go without seeing land for over a month. He worked round the clock with researchers and scientists from the Sea Education Association, as they deployed nets and counted over 72,000 tiny pieces of plastic, along with logging numerous pieces of Japanese tsunami debris.

“What can we do?” Jon wrote for the National Geographic website. “It would be next to impossible to sweep the ocean clean of plastic.”

Jon’s lecture shows graphically and with first hand knowledge—through a rollicking sea adventure—the true extent of plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. In an upbeat and positive fashion, he shows how we can work our way out of this crisis and take steps as consumers. Preceding his evening lecture, the award-winning journalist (author of Northern Exposures: An Adventuring Career through Stories and Images) often visits classrooms to share advice and anecdotes about how one can make a living with a camera and a computer.

waterman_leftComments on Jon Waterman’s Program:

“Spellbinding. In all my years as a program coordinator, Jonathan’s presentation ranked among the very best I’ve seen. We’ll have him back soon.”   –Mesa State College

“After this moving presentation to several hundred university students, not one audience member left, and Jon stayed an extra hour answering questions. An excellent and educational show.”  –University of Wisconsin/La Crosse

“His audience came away inspired by impressions of beautiful landscapes and how our natural world can be protected and preserved.” –Weber State University

“Jon Waterman brought adventure, intellect, education, and entertainment spiced with humor to SUNY, attracting one of the larger audiences of recent years. Faculty and students alike responded to his thoughtfulness, while his desire to interact with students sets him apart as a speaker.”  –SUNY, Plattsburgh, N.Y

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