What does it mean to be female in America today?

According to reality TV, women are gold diggers, bimbos, and bitches. Women of color are violent, “low class” whores. Straight, single gals are pathetic losers and, we’re led to believe, it’s hilarious when they get mocked, dumped, or punched in the face.

Television has erased all signs that the women’s rights, civil rights, and gay and lesbian rights movements ever occurred.

The picture of America displayed through the lens of shows like The Bachelor, America’s Next Top Model and Flavor of Love is profoundly warped. The masterminds of reality television have created a world in which women not only have no real choices…they don’t even want any.

In her eye-opening lecture — Project Brainwash: Why Reality TV is Bad for Women (…and Men, People of Color, The Economy, Love, Sex and Sheer Common Sense!) — Jennifer L. Pozner reveals who is creating this pop cultural backlash against women’s rights and social progress, who is profiting from it, and why. Pozner takes a fierce, funny, and in-depth look at how reality TV affects our beliefs, our behavior, and our culture.

Using humor, video clips from your favorite programs, and a decade of journalistic research, Pozner deconstructs reality TV’s twisted fairytales, demonstrating that far from harmless “guilty pleasures,” this form of pop culture has a damaging impact on our intellectual and political development. Project Brainwash gives you the tools to understand and challenge stereotypes and become active, critical media consumers. You’ll never see dating, modeling, makeover and lifestyle shows the same way again — and you’ll laugh, a lot!

PoznerSpkrPg_LJennifer L. Pozner, author of Reality Bites Back: The Troubling Truth About Guilty Pleasure TV, is the Executive Director of Women In Media & News, a national media analysis, education and advocacy group. A noted media critic, her work has been published in Newsday, Chicago Tribune, Ms. Magazine, Bitch magazine, and numerous publications and anthologies. She has offered media commentary on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, ABC News, PBS and NPR…none of which was as fun as appearing on The Daily Show. Jennifer was named one of the New Leaders Council’s 40 Under 40 progressive leaders in America 2009, a was chosen as member of “The Real Hot 100,” a Girls In Government project honoring young women leaders. Forbes magazine named her one of “20 Inspiring Women To Follow On Twitter,” and she appears alongside Arianna Huffington, Tyra Banks and Vera Wang as one of BizTechDaily’s “25 Influential Business Women in New York City You Should Follow on Twitter.”



In addition to Project Brainwash, Jennifer offers workshops and other lectures:


· How Media Instigate Gun Violence and Rape Culture
· Hillary Clinton’s Cleavage…and Other Useless Things I Learned from the News: Unpacking Media Representations of Women
· When Anchormen Attack: Gender, Race, and the Media in Election Years and Beyond


· Reality TV Bingo
· Media Literacy 101: How To Think Critically About Mass Media


“Scott – we cannot say enough good things about Jennifer. She was so generous with her time and her energy. My students left her talks wanting to change the world. She spent hours with our students on Thursday and Friday and is making connections for them in the field.  Many thanks to you and Mary Alice for making her trip here happen. We hope to have her back to campus in the years to come. ”   Cedar Crest College

Jennifer was phenomenal, fantastic, dynamic and very knowledgeable.  One of my students said this was the best program ever.”    — Jamaal Brown, MBA , Student Involvement & Community Programming – Rutgers University/Newark

“One of the best guests I’ve worked with during twenty-some years of teaching. Jennifer left a positive and lasting impression… if I could, I would bring her back to this campus every year.”  — Knox College

“Outstanding and powerful…clear, concise, entertaining, and hard hitting. Thank you!”  — Stonehill College

“Funny, smart, energetic, and very down to earth. Many students and faculty said Jenn’s talk was the best Women & Gender Studies event they have attended.”   — University of Tulsa

“You said so many things this campus needs to hear that hadn’t been addressed by any other speakers. I don’t think our students would have gotten these important ideas from any other source. You were personal, accessible and challenging—a great information resource.” — Vanderbilt University

A witty, original and very smart analysis of the dark side of reality TV… fast-paced and fascinating. You’ll never look at these shows the same way again!”   — Jean Kilbourne, Ed.D., creator of the Killing Us Softly: Advertising’s Image of Women film series

“Jennifer Pozner’s Reality Bites Back is an extraordinary gift to critical media literature… This should be required reading for every American girl and woman.” – – Melissa Harris-Lacewell, MSNBC; The Nation; Princeton University Department of Politics and Center African American Studies.

A landmark study of one of the most misunderstood (and vitally important) aspects of popular culture… An indispensable tool for teachers of media and popular culture. I will use it in my classes.”  -Sut Jhally, University of Massachusetts at Amherst, Executive Director of The Media Education Foundation

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