Back in the 1970s weren’t they worried about global cooling? If the Earth is getting warmer, why? Is it the result of natural forces like solar activity or volcanic outgassing, or is it caused by human activity such as the burning of fossil fuels that pour greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere? And if global warming is real and human caused, how much warmer will it get and what will the consequences be? Is it doomsday or do we have time to do something about it? If we do have time, what should we do? 

Professor Michael Shermer is the Publisher of Skeptic magazine, the Executive Director of the Skeptics Society, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, and a Presidential Fellow at Chapman University. He has a Ph.D. in the history of science and has taught at Occidental College and Claremont Graduate University. Dr. Shermer has written numerous New York Times best-selling books, including The Moral Arc, The Believing Brain, Why Darwin Matters, and Why People Believe Weird Things. According to the Neil deGrasse Tyson, “Michael Shermer is a beacon of reason in an ocean of irrationality.”


James Taylor is President of the Spark of Freedom Foundation, a public policy organization supporting common-sense, common-ground energy solutions. James promotes affordable, abundant energy founded in conservative economic principles and a common-ground approach. He earned a B.A. in Government and studied economics and atmospheric science at Dartmouth College. He obtained his J.D. from Syracuse University College of Law. He has presented environmental analysis on CNN, CNN Headline News, CBS Evening News, MSNBC, Fox News Channel, and several national radio programs. James has personally advised presidential candidates, governors and state legislators on energy and environment issues. James and Spark of Freedom Foundation believe in making all affordable, environmentally friendly options available to American families, including hydro, nuclear and natural gas.

In this engaging and enlightening debate Michael Shermer and James Taylor will square off on what could be the most important subject of our time. 

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