geoff-notkin-meteorite-stem-speaker-wolfman-productionsTwenty years ago, Geoff Notkin did the one thing that everyone thinks about, but very few dare to do. He ditched his job as an art director and rock ‘n’ roll musician in Manhattan, and embarked on a daring quest for the elusive quarry he’d dreamed of since childhood: meteorites. The hunt for rare rocks from space – often worth more than gold – took Notkin to the far reaches of the planet and led to his starring role in the multi award-winning adventure TV series Meteorite Men, which aired worldwide on Discovery Science and other networks.

From the Arctic Circle to the Australian outback and over 45 different countries, Geoff Notkin has spent the last 20 years as a globetrotting adventurer and world-renowned meteorite hunter. With roguish good looks and a quick British wit, he parlayed his real-life adventures and larger-than-life persona into exciting roles as a television star, popular public speaker, and award-winning author of the books Meteorite Hunting: How to Find Treasure from Space; Rock Star: Adventures of a Meteorite Man; and My Incredibly Strange and Amazing Real-Life Adventures in the World of Comic Books, as well as hundreds of articles on science, adventure travel, and the arts.

geoff-notkin-meteorite-stem-speaker-wolfman-productionsBorn in New York and raised in London, Notkin’s passion for science and adventure began at an early age. His childhood memories include viewing his first meteorite in London’s Geological Museum at age 7, skipping school to witness the Apollo 11 moon landing at age 8, and – at the tender age of 12 – nearly falling into an active volcano while on vacation in Iceland with his family.

Notkin later became a professional rock musician, giving his billing as one of the “Rock Stars of Science” a fitting double meaning. His sold-out speaking engagements are equal parts entertainment and enlightenment, combining his passion for meteorites with action-packed tales of his world travels, including the making of Meteorite Men and the TV series, STEM Journals on which he also served as executive producer. Notkin won two Telly awards for Meteorite Men, along with two Emmy awards and two Tellys for STEM Journals.

Geoff has appeared on many other television shows, including Globe Trekker, Ancient Aliens, Wired Science, American Chopper, and The TODAY Show, and on networks such as Discovery, TLC, PBS, A&E, National Geographic Channel, History Channel, Travel Channel, and the BBC. The minor planet 132904, discovered at Mount Palomar, was named after Geoff in recognition of his contributions to science and education.  Geoff has the following film credits:  “Radio Free Albemuth” sci-fi feature film based on the novel by Philip K. Dick  [Associate producer] and “Neil Gaiman: Dream Dangerously”  documentary about the famous fantasy author  [Executive producer]

Notkin is a member of the Explorers Club and the President of Aerolite Meteorites, Inc, a leading commercial meteorite company. He sits on the Board of Governors of the National Space Society, the Board of Directors of the Astrosociology Research Institute, and is an advisor to Deep Space Industries.

Geoff has been recently appointed as the President of the National Space Society, which we’re very excited about. He has since been doing a lot of public speaking about contemporary spaceflight.   Check out the press release HERE

And he still loves rock ’n’ roll.

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“I just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that we really enjoyed Geoff. He is a dynamic and interesting speaker. He is fun, funny, educational and fascinating. I highly recommend him!” – Dr. Crystal Anthony, STEM Instructional Support Activities Coordinator – Mt. San Jacinto College

“I can’t begin to tell you the impact his presentation had on both the parents and kids at  the science fair. Not to mention how excited and interested the college students were too listen in on his presentation at Bakersfield College. We definitely were appreciative of the experience and thankful to listen and learn from Geoff’s experiences… a complete success!”  — Diane Baeza, STEM Program Director – Bakersfield College

Geoff’s greatest gift as a public speaker is his uncanny ability to captivate a banquet hall full of brilliant scientists as artfully as a classroom full of kindergartners. He strikes the perfect balance between education and entertainment, making each member of the audience feel like a ‘virtual’ member of his global expedition team through the use of brilliant location photographs, most taken by Geoff himself. I have never attended a presentation by Geoff that ended on time — simply because audiences refuse to let him leave the stage!” —  Becca Gladden, Grants and Communications Manager – Challenger Space Center Arizona (2007–2014)

“At Geoff’s talks, attendees filled the room beyond capacity, sitting on the floor when there were no chairs left, and standing in the back in order to hear the always entertaining and informative message he’d come to share.”
— Samantha Thompson, Curator of Exhibitions – Lowell Observatory

“Geoff Notkin is that rare combination of entertainer, science authority and humorist. In front of an audience, he comes to life with infectious enthusiasm about space rocks and all science that drives our universe. At the same time, Geoff brings it back down to Earth so the average Joe can identify. Not surprisingly, he was a big hit at The Explorers Club when I had him as an ‘Exploring Legends’ guest!”  —  Jim Clash, Director and Fellow – Explorers Club

“As the Master of Ceremonies at the Arizona Science and Astronomy Expo held every fall in Tucson, Arizona, I have had the pleasure of introducing Geoffrey Notkin to the audience. I have found Mr. Notkin’s many presentations to this convention to be enlightening, entertaining, witty, and fascinating. I would not hesitate to recommend Geoff Notkin to speak on any of the numerous science and education topics that he is very well qualified to represent. His contributions and commentary in these fields would be a valuable addition to any presentation.”  — Robert Reeves, Author, lecturer, Master of Ceremonies – Amateur Astronomy magazine

“Geoff was the highlight of our night. Everyone was laughing and intrigued by his stories. Best dinner keynote my conference has ever seen.”
— Sara Jennings – NewSpace Conference Chair

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