A Female Engineer’s Journey and the Importance of STEM

Deanne brings a unique blend of expertise and youthful zeal to her talks about science and technology careers, and she is living and inspiring proof that engineering resumes are far from boring. Deanne received a B.S. in mechanical engineering from Washington University in St. Louis. Prior to her media career, Deanne designed opto-mechanics for military aircraft sensors in Los Angeles and worked as a senior application engineer for a software startup in Boston.


In 2006, Deanne set out to bring her passion for science to prime time television, swapping her full-time cubicle for a full-time production studio. Her television hosting credits include ESPN’s “Rise Up”, National Geographic’s “The Egyptian Job”, DIY Network’s “Money Hunters”, PBS’ “Design Squad”, and Discovery Channel’s “Smash Lab” and currently “Make Me A Millionaire Inventor.”

deanne-bell-women-engineer-stem-speaker-wolfman-productionsIn 2014, Deanne founded Future Engineers, which hosted its inaugural challenge in partnership with NASA and the American Society of Mechanical Engineers Foundation. Students were asked to create a digital 3D model of a space tool, and the winning design is being 3D printed aboard the International Space Station.

From cubicle life, to hitchhiking in Tibet, Deanne’s career has been shaped in the most peculiar ways, and she seamlessly weaves tales about German pig farmers, Tahitian Chiefs and CEOs into an inspiring talk about innovation and STEM careers.

Throughout her talk, Deanne presents examples of successful engineers and scientists who, despite having similar educations, are impacting our world in very different ways, and she turns broad ideas of innovation into a personal challenge for her audience. What makes one computer scientist student different from the next? How do you differentiate yourself from the pack of other graduates, beyond your GPA?

Ultimately, Deanne inspires her audience to consider their own potential for greatness. Textbooks provide the foundation we need for our professional lives, but its our unique passions, influences, and curiosities that truly foster our innovation.

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“Deanne was amazing for our campus!  Deanne had so many tidbits of wisdom and advice that were perfect for college students who are still exploring career options!  She is a great speaker with a great message.   We were celebrating the opening of a new STEM Center that has two floors of engineering labs and classrooms, so this program was a perfect fit…We will look back at this as a highlight of our year.” – Natasha Lee, Coordinator of Student Activities – Virginia Western Community College

“… Deanne was fabulous!!! Another home run! Everyone loved her. She has such a great message and she related very well to kids. It was a great day!” – Debbie Biggs, STEM Specialist – Clarke County Public Schools

“She NAILED IT!!    I knew she’d be very good but even I was surprised how well she fit in and how she was able to keep everyone entertained and engaged for the whole time. Deanne made the script hers, gave us tons of really cool tips and totally went above and beyond.  Our people loved her.”  — Senior Director, Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology 2015

Deanne was truly fantastic! What a joy to work with. In the brief time I got to meet with her and escort her to the staging area she was so down to earth and very relaxed.   The attendees loved her presentation. The content and delivery was entertaining while rich with value. Overall, she was a perfect addition to our event and it was a pleasure working with you, Deanne and the rest of the team.” —  Event Coordinator, Siemens PLM Connection 2014

“Thank you for participating as a keynote speaker in the Northern New Jersey Junior Science Symposium at Rutgers University School of Engineering…The event was a great success, and could not have been accomplished without your help…”  – Assistant Dean,  Rutgers School of Engineering, Office of Student Development

“Everybody loved her and she is so personable. We really enjoyed her being here for the STEM EXPO.”  – STEM Education Coordinator, Northern Virginia Community College  March 2014

Deanne delivered everything we hoped for, speaking to about a thousand people during her Syracuse visit. Smart, engaging, and funny, Deanne proved to be an excellent role model, especially for girls.The Technology Alliance of Central New York looks forward to the next time we can bring Deanne back to town to further influence the next generation of engineers and technologists.” –  H. Hollander, Technology Alliance of Central New York

DEANNE.. YOU ROCKED THE HOUSE! Numerous people commented on how great you were and appreciated the ability to show the “light at the end of the tunnel” for science education.” – R. Goldberg, Bakersfield College


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