Leadership Development, Team Building, and Interpersonal Communication

A Lead Facilitator for Leadershape, Inc., Dave Zamansky offers individualized workshops in team building, leadership development, and interpersonal communication. Dave’s eye-opening workshops encourage people to step back and understand leadership opportunities that arise in workplaces, organizations, and social situations by answering these questions and more:

  • What do you value?
  • What happens when those values are challenged and tough decisions need to be made?
  • How do you react to people in a group?
  • What is it like to take a hard long look in the mirror and know yourself?


After nineteen years in leadership education, Dave has seen that leadership develops when students transform their passions into plans for action. To this end, Dave asks students to reflect on their passions, articulate goals, and strategize about ways to help their communities function more positively. Characterized by Dave’s enthusiasm, his workshops encourage participants to examine their lives from new angles, question their judgments, and analyze situations effectively. By asking provocative questions and allowing time for reflection, Dave helps students identify their own leadership styles and learn to embrace challenges as they arise. Dave also facilitates activities in which participants apply leadership techniques and strategize about ways to use them within their own communities.

Students are active participants in all of his workshops, which often involve role playing, storytelling, and games/team building activities. Dave will tailor his presentations for small and large groups and is also available for speaking engagements.

In addition to facilitating leadership workshops, Dave directs Programs and Leadership at the University of New Hampshire. He also has extensive experience in experiential education. Dave will tailor his workshops to any organization. With contagious energy and enthusiasm, Dave Zamansky helps people develop their own definitions of success in a world that seeks to include everyone.

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“Dave Was GREAT! Students Loved him…” Mo Phillips, Director of Campus Life Programming – Sonoma State University

“Dave is a transformational leader who empowers others to get out of their comfort zone, challenge themselves, and discover their own leadership capability through encouragement and sheer presence … He is undoubtedly enthusiastic, kind, and magnetic.” – Erica Schomer – St. Edward’s University (Austin Texas) ‘17

“Dave has an excellent rapport with students.  Students really connect with Dave and listen intently to his ideas and suggestions. His sessions are interactive, educational and fun!  …  Dave is a consummate professional and a joy to work with.  He truly understands the importance of connecting with his audience and makes student learning his priority in every session.” – Candace DeAngelis, Director of  New Student & Family Programs – Eastern Connecticut University

“Dave’s enthusiasm was infectious, engaging and energizing for all of our members. … After just a few hours with Dave, our members, 30 complete strangers, were acting like old friends.” – John Wescott, SGA President – Southern New Hampshire University (SNHU) 2015

“Dave helped me feel confident, taught me about integrity and created an environment that made me think hard about the things I wanted to accomplish for others, and for myself. … As a facilitator, Dave was fun, approachable and challenged us to stay true to our values in every aspect our lives.” – Natalie Schwob – University of Georgia ‘14

“I’ve worked with Dave in a variety of settings and he is an engaging storyteller and polished facilitator who expertly understands group dynamics and leadership development. You won’t get canned rhetoric from Dave. He will listen intently and weave together an experience unique to your needs. You will get fun, interactive, and personable. If you need to be pushed, he’ll call you to action in a manner that is incredibly genuine, letting you know that he cares for you personally and professionally. Time with Dave will leave you with a smile on your face and having grown from the experience.” – Mike Severy, Director of the Office of Student Involvement & Leadership – University of North Carolina Pembroke

“Dave presented a session for our emerging leaders program.  Our students really enjoyed exploring the concepts of leadership through the interactive session and he provided a fun and energetic atmosphere for students to learn about the the type of leader they might want to become.” – Kristie McNamara,  Associate Director of the Student Center & Student Activities – Worcester State College


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