Chrissy Chambers is a YouTuber, activist, performer and victim of revenge porn.  She moved from her small town in Mississippi to Atlanta to pursue a career in acting at 18.  After a few years Chambers began questioning her sexuality and met her now fiancé, Bria Kam, in 2011.  After falling in love and starting their lives together, the two started a YouTube channel in 2012 called that focused on making music and comedy videos that would entertain and inspire, especially the young LGBTQ community.

Less than a year later, Chrissy found out from fans that she was a victim of revenge porn.

Paralyzed by fear and overwhelmed by shame (during the first week of finding out about the videos) all Chrissy and Bria wanted was for the videos to disappear.  Chambers remembers telling Bria that even though it didn’t seem possible at the time, she hoped one day to use her experience to help other people, and that hopefully her suffering would be worth it.

After battling alcoholism, substance abuse, PTSD, night terrors, anxiety and almost losing her relationship, Chrissy finally won her journey for justice after an almost 5-year legal pursuit.  Now traveling the country to speak to students, Chrissy shares her story of survival, and Bria shares what it is like to be an intimate partner to someone going through trauma and struggle. The couple inspire listeners to keep fighting, face their challenges head on, and never back down from injustice.

Since going public with her story in 2015, Chambers has been an active campaigner for revenge porn laws, helping pass laws in the UK and the state of Minnesota, as well as serving as a voice for victims for California Senator Kamala Harris. In 2016 Chrissy and Bria ran a successful crowdfund earning over $30,000 to pursue their case, raised over 150,000 signatures on a petition for a federal revenge porn law, and spoke to lawmakers such as Hillary Clinton (who later wrote a personal op-ed  piece on meeting Chrissy).  In addition to her advocacy, Chrissy is also one half of the singing lesbian duo, BriaAndChrissy, alongside Bria. Chrissy and Bria are YouTube’s most viewed lesbian content creators, with over 350 million views and 1 million subscribers between their two channels, BriaAndChrissy and OurLesbianLove, which address different LGBTQ topics through comedy, music, vlogs and social experiments.

Chrissy and Bria offer diverse angles that showcase a compelling story of survival, perseverance and love. Chrissy’s mission is to use her trauma to inspire others who are facing adversity and to empower them; to give hope to other victims of sexual violence or trauma and to raise that awareness.  Says Chrissy, “The internet is not all selfies and emojis, the very platform that made me successful is the same one that tried to break me down.”

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