LEGALIZE IT? - Marijuana Policy Experts Debate Reefer Sanity
    Nationwide, the public is divided about whether to legalize marijuana, though support has grown over the last decade. States that have legalized will serve as early test cases, providing at least some answers to the much-debated potential outcomes of legalization. Some say legalization will lead to negative health, road safety, and other social costs. Others champion legalization as a way to diminish the power of drug cartels, reduce incarceration, and put states back on solid financial ground.
    great-election-debate-menusmTHE GREAT ELECTION DEBATE - Cliff Kincaid & Jeff Cohen
    Months before voters go to the polls, powerful media outlets have shaped our opinions of the candidates – their haircuts and attire, their religious views and marital troubles.  Are media now obstacles to serious discussion of the issues?  Can Democrats get a fair shake at the hands of conservative media conglomerates?  Are Republicans undermined by liberal reporters and public broadcasting?  How is campaign coverage being changed by the Internet?  By YouTube?  By Comedy Central?
    DEBATE ON GAY MARRIAGE - Is the Debate on Marriage Over?
    If you thought the United State Supreme Court legalized gay marriage…,you are wrong. The Supreme Court’s decision merely validated the legality of gay marriage in those 13 states and the District of Columbia where gay marriage was already legal. The Supreme Court did not legalize gay marriage across the country and it remains illegal in the majority of states for same sex couples to marry. The battle reigns on.
    DOES GOD EXIST? - A Debate Between Dr. Michael Shermer & Dr. Doug Geivett
    This debate pushes the boundaries of our faith and how we believe. While three of the world's most widespread religions, Islam, Judaism, and Catholicism, sit atop the headlines, there are no clear answers to who's right and who's wrong. Drs. Shermer and Geivett challenge the audience to look directly into the eye of their beliefs and affirm their faith in God or to cast religion aside as an outdated way to explain the unexplainable.
    THE CASE FOR & AGAINST INTELLIGENT DESIGN - Paul Nelson Ph.D & Dr. Michael Shermer
    In this debate, a leading advocate of Intelligent Design, Dr. Paul Nelson, author, speaker, and research fellow with Discovery Institute’s Center for Science and Culture, makes the case that Intelligent Design deserves serious scientific consideration. In rebuttal, Dr. Michael Shermer, historian of science, a monthly columnist for Scientific American, the publisher of Skeptic magazine, and a leading proponent of evolutionary theory, makes the case that Intelligent Design is not science and should not be taught in science classes.
    THE GREAT GUN CONTROL DEBATE - Dr. John Lott vs. Paul Helmke
    Oklahoma City, Columbine, Virginia Tech, Fort Hood, Aurora, Sandy Hook. The list of mass murders in America grows and grows. Why? And what can we do about it? In this Great Debate on Gun Control two of America's most prominent public intellectuals go head-to-head on this most contentious and timely topic.
    HEADS VS. FEDS -The Great Debate on the legalization of marijuana
    Blazing through a campus near you is the “Great Debate,” the debate on legalization of marijuana. This is the event that's been called “the best program we've ever had” by schools all over the country. It's so simple: Steve Hager, Creative Director of High Times Magazine takes on hard-hitting DEA veteran Robert Stutman on the multitude of issues surrounding marijuana legalization.
    DEBATE ON PORNOGRAPHY - Pro vs. Con - Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, Susan Cole, Craig Gross and Michael Leahy.
    Pornography is a multi-billion dollar industry in the United States alone, but serious discussion of the issue is rare. In this intelligent and multi-faceted debate, all aspects of the pornography issue are discussed and examined.