JTalbertSpkr_RightJon is a speaker, motivator, Humorist who has established a national reputation as a “Humanitarian Entrepreneur.” Jon started a compassion organization called Beautiful Day that spread virally across the country serving thousands in random acts of kindness. Each year he inspires thousands of people to step into life-changing “acts of heroism” by creatively serving someone else on the planet. Jon’s travels have taken him to numerous 3rd world countries working directly with AIDS orphans and human trafficking.

    JTalbertSpkr_LeftJon helps you cultivate and refine what he calls “your genius playlist.” He taps into the vast trove of your personal gifting, talents, resources… even your life experiences (good or bad), that makes up the entirety of who you are. He then showcases how your design is desperately needed in the world today. As Jon says, “it’s not until you put that unique design into play do we discover who the Heroic Genius’ really are in the world.” You are genius by design, but heroic by choice. Jon helps you to build a platform that accelerates and amplifies your passions to actually change the world.

    Jon brings a powerful message to University students, corporations, and non-profits organizations looking to inspire their people to live a “heroic” life. Jon also speaks to professional Soccer and NFL teams, as well as conferences and corporations around the country.

    With a unique background in both compassion and comedy, Jon discovered that there was a new story that needs to be told.


    Jon went really well! He was awesome to work with and GU students were loving it.   

    Olivia Cundari, Gonzaga Student Body Association – Gonzaga University