JoeQuirk_RightSex feels good. So why don’t women offer it indiscriminately to every guy who hits on them?

    Committed intimacy is the deepest human need. So why are men so terrified of it?

    It’s not the way we’re raised. It’s biology. Sperm-spreaders and egg-protectors have inherited different emotions from evolution.  The scientific evidence is in. Race differences are not significant. Sex differences are significant.

    When you count up our 3 billion DNA units, humans and chimps are about 1.5% different, and men and women are about 1.5% different. When you sleep with a member of the opposite sex, you might as well be fornicating with a chimp. The average boy and the average girl come into the world with different interests, talents and, most importantly, different desires and emotions when it comes to sex.

    That other sex is weird, aren’t they? But they’re so cute! Well, the best way to love them is to understand them.

    Evolutionary Psychology uses hard data from cognitive science, anthropology, and genetics to illuminate human relationships. Some of these results are surprising, counter-intuitive, yet predict human choices with statistical accuracy. Others confirm our stereotypes and are seen by critics as sexist and rife with confirmation bias. A true education in psychology in 2013 is not complete without a general knowledge of Evolutionary Psychology.

    Pixar, the world’s leading animation company, has illustrated 53 Powerpoint slides to accompany Joe Quirk’s talk based on his book, which has been translated into 17 languages. Each scientific idea is illustrated by cartoonist Teddy Newton, who designed the characters for the hit movie, The Incredibles.

    Some of the questions we will answer in the presentation:
    Is monogamy natural?
    Why do we bother falling in love? Can’t we just have sex and get it over with?
    Why do men have a Madonna/Whore Complex?
    Why do women have a Nice Guy/Bad Boy Torment?
    Why are you attracted to somebody you know is a jerk?
    Is homosexuality natural?
    Why are older men attracted to young women?
    Why are young woman attracted to older high-status men?
    Did men and women breed each other to be intelligent?
    Why is gossip so much fun?


    The biological explanation of our emotions, and the fascinating data backing it up, will provoke much impassioned discussion among students. By the end of this presentation, students will be able to apply the principles of Evolutionary Psychology to human relationships, or make informed arguments about why they think it’s all a bunch of hooey.

    Don’t let your mate see this until you see it first

    Free chapters from the book can be found at:

    “Joe Quirk’s presentation on Sex Love & Relationships was an excellent program for our campus. We exceeded our seating capacity with almost 500 students! His presentation was insightful and spot‐on for the where students are in their development…and it was funny!  ” 

     Program Coordinator – Student Association – Binghamton University